About Us

John Wayne, a Horse Power Rescued MustangHORSE POWER is a Non-Profit agency focusing on preservation of Wild Mustangs and Burros. Through contributions and support from people like you, we can educate people and groups, raise awareness, and contribute to the real life needs of these American horses.

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase these plates will go to support our cause.



Horse Power Mission Statement

Our mission is to financially aid those groups, organizations and individuals that care for wild, estray, 2nd chance, horses, burros or mules. HORSE POWER works to address their needs as they provide food, medical training, transportation, education, humane habitation and treatment improving the quality of life for these equines.

HORSE POWER presents Trailer Tips! Click on videos below to view them.

Board Members:

  • J. Baclet – President
  • J. Magee – Vice President
  • J. Barrow – Treasurer
  • J. Santana – Secretary
  • P. Johncock – Executive Director
  • B. Zvenia – Former President Member
  • B. Dorton – Member

Founder: S. Summers


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